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Sparkling Hop Water

Introducing our new Sparkling Hop Water – 0% alcohol, 100% refreshing.


Yorkshire water makes the best tea, fact. And we’re pretty confident it makes the best beer too. It’s amongst the finest in the world, with a balance of minerals which with minimal adjustment allows for the creation of stunning pale ales, as we’ve been evidencing for over a quarter of a century. In our beers, we love to highlight the amazing variety of nuanced flavours one can extract from hops. And for our first alcohol free offering, we’re taking this one step further.

More people than ever are embracing no and low alcohol alternatives to their usual tipple, and this trend looks set to continue. Whilst we have absolutely no plans to stop making our beers, we do want to make sure we’re adapting to what our drinkers want to drink, so that means adding something completely new to our range! There are a number of ways in which alcohol-free beer can be produced – none of which are right for us at the moment. Either there is a huge amount of capital expenditure involved, or we aren’t completely confident that we could create a product as consistent, or indeed as tasty as our “regular” beers. There are some fantastic alcohol-free beers out there but these tend to be produced by breweries that are either set up specifically to create them, or those that are large enough to invest in the additional equipment required (and the space to put it in!). So we decided that the best thing to do was to play to our strengths – and our hop store is very much one of these!

What we have created therefore is NOT beer, but IS the very finest Yorkshire water, infused with some of our favourite hops, lightly carbonated to create a refreshing, relaxing soft drink. No booze, no artificial flavourings, no caffeine, and naturally low in sugar and carbohydrates – a true elixir of spritzy, zesty, mindful drinking! 

We start with that very same water we use for our award-winning beers. We’ve been at the prototype stage for a while, experimenting with numerous hop varieties, starting with those most familiar to us – so we’ve already quite literally tested the waters with Mosaic (which you may know from Heathen) and Willamette (the key hop in Moonshine) on a nano-batch level, before scaling up a little with Nelson Sauvin (one the Deception fans out there will be familiar with!). The hops are steeped at 76°C to allow the flavours to infuse – this provides just the right level of bitterness to satisfy, whilst keeping the temperature below boiling point to prevent too much isomerisation. We’ve added just a dash of lemon juice to provide a little lift… and that’s it!

We like to think of this process as a fresh take on tradition and showing off our ingredients in a whole new way. Snapping open a can gives the same heady rush of aroma exactly like opening the bag of hops in the brewhouse, and you can really consider the complexities and nuances of the hop itself when there is no malt backbone to cloak it. This version of Hop Water is incredibly refreshing, aromatic, clean and grassy, with the beautiful and delicate vinous qualities for which Nelson Sauvin is known. Absolutely delicious over ice with a slice!

The benefits of hops and their biochemical compounds when used and infused in this way (i.e without fermentation, and alcohol free) can be numerous. Studies have shown that the polyphenols and flavonoids found in hops work with other vitamins such as vitamin C to have antioxidant properties, which helps your body ward off every day toxins. This can help you to stay healthy, even potentially reducing the risk of certain chronic health conditions including cancer and coronary heart disease. Hops also have mild sedative effects which can help improve your sleep quality, as well as helping to enhance the natural levels of gamma-aminobutyric acid (a clever little chemical messenger) found in the brain, which can lower anxiety and help you to feel calmer.

In our research for hop water we’ve also come across some really interesting local history and the heritage behind our hometown’s temperance movement. Loxley Silver Band, who are always a favourite at the Rising Sun at Christmas time, were previously a temperance band. And in the late 1800s, Wheatley & Bates based just down the road from us on Napier Street were producers of “hop bitters”, intended to be a refreshing, non-alcoholic drink made of hops with other botanicals including dandelions. This was a hugely popular drink in the late nineteenth century. So we’re bringing back a bit of a Sheffield institution, in our own fashion!

We recommend drinking our Hop Water as a healthy soft drink in its own right – it’s great for daytime rehydration, as a tasty alternative for a designated driver, and is incredibly refreshing after exercise too. It even comes with the approval of Dr Morton himself! It also just so happens to be absolutely delicious as a mixer (we’ve had lots of fun trying it with our Locksley Distilling collaboration gin, and Locksley’s have experimented with it in a cocktail too with great results!).

Hop Water is AVAILABLE NOW in 440ml can, from our online shop and independent retailers, and on tap in selected venues too. We’d love to hear your thoughts!


Team Abbeydale

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Wanderer – Transatlantic IPA

The latest in our Wanderer series is out now! It’s an IPA packed with experimental hops from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, created in collaboration with Leith’s Campervan Brewery. This was the return leg of our partnership – some of you may remember Trinity which we brewed up in Scotland last year, a delicious mandarin, black lime and ginger gose! For our second brew together, we decided to go for something completely different, and were aiming for a mix of new and old – reviving a historical base malt, paired with up-and-coming hop varietals from around the globe, for a beer that’s bursting with character.

The key ingredient of the grist was heritage grain Plumage Archer barley, combined with caramalt, wheat and oats for a complex malt character to complement the hops we had chosen to use. Plumage Archer is one of our brewer Jim’s favourite base malts to use – “it has a wonderful graininess, almost biscuit character… plus it’s a lot easier to mash with than some of the other malts on the market!”

UK grown whole cone hops from our suppliers Charles Faram were added to our hop back on the hot side of the brew, along with a sprinkling of pellet hops from Yakima Chief’s programme. This is mainly to extract some balanced bitterness as well as some of the heady aromas that we wanted to form the character of this beer.

The UK hops we chose were CF161and CF162. Both of these hops come advertised as having grapefruit and lemon characteristics, and on the rub this citrus was abundant, with a little grassiness (but not in spades, as you may expect from British grown hops). CF161 is a great grand-daughter of Nugget, and in the hop back we found it helped to give some complex bitterness and interesting piney notes. CF162 is from the British Hop collection, and although it was originally grown in 1978 it has never reached the stage of being named. This batch came from Stocks Farm, which some of our team have had the pleasure of visiting on one of Charles Farams’ annual hop walks!

The collaboration brewteam!

Towards the end of fermentation, we added a couple of experimental American varieties from Yakima Chief’s development programme – HBC638 and HBC586 (which was also used in Cryo hop form). Together these give a sweet aromatic top note to the beer, with an abundance of citrus and tropical character too. The US hops were mainly used as aroma additions at the dry hop stage. We weren’t aiming for loads of biotransformation (like a New England beer has) as they can end up more cloying and a bit stickier than the intention for this beer. We wanted a crisp refreshing finish with loads of hop influence.

Wanderer – Transatlantic IPA (6.3% ABV) is available in cask, keg and can, and is vegan friendly and gluten free (brewed using Brewers Clarex).

And in keeping with the collaborative theme, the artwork for this release just had to be inspired by the view from a campervan! Incorporating an ocean view to back up the transatlantic element of the beer’s ingredient, it evokes being relaxed and comfy, spending time in the outdoors with a refreshing sea breeze. See if you can spot the “trinity” logo from last year’s collaboration hidden within the design too. Summery, rounded and refreshing with a clean bitterness and a vibrant tropicality – we reckon it’s the perfect beer to take with you on your next road trip!

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Look to the skies on a peaceful summer’s evening and if you’re lucky you might catch sight of a swift – an iconic bird, which was added to the red list of species of conservation concern in December 2021. We’re working in partnership with Sheffield & Rotherham Wildlife Trust throughout 2023 (more on that in this blog post), and one of their key campaigns is raising awareness of the plight of this beautiful bird and aiming to help the recovery of the local population. Our brew date also fell within Swift Awareness Week, so it was a clear source of inspiration for this year’s charity beer!

Introducing Swifty – a 4.2% pale ale, and our charity beer for 2023. In recognition of the amazing migratory journey that swifts make from Africa to the UK to breed every year, we’ve combined UK hops Fuggles and Keyworth Early with African grains of paradise for a unique and aromatic beer with an gentle yet enticing botanical spice.

We were joined on the brewday by not only the Wildlife Trust but also some of Sheffield Swift Network, who also helped us to identify some spaces on our brewery buildings where we could have swift bricks installed, or nesting boxes added – something all households can look into to help address the declining numbers of the swift. Sheffield & Rotherham Wildlife Trust aim to make Sheffield a ‘Swift City’, using our urban landscape to help our swifts to rebuild their population. You can find out more about the Sheffield Swift City campaign here.

The beer is available in cask only, so be sure to look out for it on the bar of your local pub! 10p from every pint sold will be donated to the charity. Our wonderful pub, The Rising Sun, is also hosting an extra special charity quiz on Wednesday 19th July, where you can enjoy a pint of Swifty alongside showing off your knowledge – we hear there might even be a specially themed bonus round, so get swotting up! Please tag #SheffSwiftCity in your social media posts too and help to raise awareness of this beautiful bird.

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