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Abbeydale Brewery Ltd

Privacy Notice for trade customers of the brewery.

Who are our customers?

Our customers for the brewery range from large businesses to individuals operating as sole traders.

Sometimes an individual who works for a business, or a sole trader who owns a business, supplies us with personal information about themselves (eg personal mobile number or personal email address) and it is this which may be considered personal information under the GDPR regulations. However we will respect any request to unsubscribe from our emails from any individual or business.

What information do we collect and store

The information we have comes from public sources eg directories, from larger customers eg Pub Cos and from customers and prospective customers themselves and their employees.

The information we collect and store includes

  • Contact details eg name of customer, address, phone numbers, email addresses, contact names, phone numbers and email addresses
  • Purchase history, payment history, methods of payment (we do NOT store card details or bank details)

How it is stored

We retain paper copies of all delivery notes – typically the one signed when delivery was made. These are retained for a maximum of 10 years as part of our legal obligation to HMRC for beer duty purposes. These will contain the delivery address and may contain a name and a personal phone number. These records are purely for the purposes of complying with HMRC duty regulations and are not processed for any other reason.

We retain records required for VAT compliance – records of invoices and payments – because we have a legal obligation to do so. These records are retained for a maximum of 10 years and are stored on our accounts package and in summary form on paper.

The information we store about our customers is site name, address, contact names, contact phone numbers, contact email addresses, invoicing information such as address, records of orders and payments. history. Some or all of this may be personal information if you are an employee or a sole trader.

All of our customer details including individual contact details are stored in a database which can only be accessed by our members of staff.

Why we store this data

All of this information is stored on the legal basis of “Contract”. It is stored in order for us to be able to contact you to sell you our products, either because you are an existing customer or a prospective one.

We also use the data on historic purchases and payments to analyse sales trends and various business metrics such as monitoring debtors and forecasting.

Who we share this data with

We do not provide any of this information to anyone else, nor do we process this information in any way except as directly connected with our business. Some of our emails are processed via Mailchimp who store email addresses for us and our professional advisors such as accountants and bank manager may occasionally view some data as part of their assisting us. They abide by the same standards and will not use or share this data.

How long we keep the data

If you cease to be a customer then no more than 3 years after your last invoice was paid, we will delete anything we believe to be personal information, except what we need to keep for legal purposes e.g. duty records and VAT/accounting records. We will certainly delete personal names, personal phone numbers and personal email addresses.

If you do not purchase from us within 3 years of your data being entered on our database, we will delete contact names, personal email addresses, mobile phone numbers.

We will retain the name of the business (eg pub name) and address but there will be no identifiable individual attached to it.

What you can do

Under the legislation, as an individual, you are able to ask us what information we store about you and have the right to ask us to delete it. To do this you will need to write to us or email us at [email protected]. Please make it clear who you are, the customer you are connected with and your status with that customer e.g. Sole Trader, owner, employee.

If you are an employee and leave that employment and wish us to delete your personal information then you need to contact us and ask us to delete any personal information we may hold such as your personal phone number or email address. Email [email protected]

You may unsubscribe your email from our lists at any time by clicking on the link in our email or by emailing [email protected] preferably with Unsubscribe in the title.

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