The Team

As a small business, every member of our tight-knit brewery team is multi-skilled. We love sharing new ideas and are passionate about what we create.

Pat has always believed that he can teach anyone to brew and that anyone who wants to learn should be given the chance to do so. Therefore, we have many people in the business who are brewers, taking responsibility for new recipes.

  • Patrick Morton, Director & Brewer at Abbeydale Brewery
    Patrick MortonDirector & BrewerFounder of Abbeydale Brewery and Managing Director. He is also a brewing guru, engineer and mender of anything that goes wrong!
  • SUE MORTON, Director at Abbeydale Brewery
    SUE MORTONDirectorDirector of Abbeydale Brewery and co-owner with husband Pat. She is also the brewery's IT guru, planner and overseer of all things administrative.
  • JOHN PARKINSON, Production Director at Abbeydale Brewery
    JOHN PARKINSONProduction DirectorA Director of Abbeydale Brewery and Production Manager. John oversees all things brewing from raw materials to the beer leaving the brewery.
  • DAN BAXTER, Sales Director at Abbeydale Brewery
    DAN BAXTERSales DirectorA Director of Abbeydale Brewery. Dan oversees all the sales and marketing side of the brewery. He's very much the public face of Abbeydale so our customers know him very well!
  • Toby Grattidge, Operations Director at Abbeydale Brewery
    Toby GrattidgeOperations DirectorOur Operations Director and responsible for heading up our Business Development strategy.
  • DAWN MILTON, Accounts at Abbeydale Brewery
    DAWN MILTONAccountsDawn is our Company secretary, and whilst she's not good with words, but she is with figures!
  • Jon Conroy, Director at Abbeydale Brewery
    Jon ConroyDirector
  • JAMIE MEMMOTT, Cellar Manager // Brewery Operative at Abbeydale Brewery
    JAMIE MEMMOTTCellar Manager // Brewery OperativeOur cold store and cellar manager as well as a brewer!
  • Jim Rangeley, Lead Brewer - Funk Dungeon Project at Abbeydale Brewery
    Jim RangeleyLead Brewer - Funk Dungeon ProjectBeer whisperer in chief of our small batch barrel ageing project. Owned by Tosin the cat.
  • Christie McIntosh, Quality Manager // Brewery Operative at Abbeydale Brewery
    Christie McIntoshQuality Manager // Brewery Operative"Live by the mallet, die by the mallet"
  • Sam Thruston, Brewery Operative at Abbeydale Brewery
    Sam ThrustonBrewery Operative
  • Ash Sutton, Brewery Operative at Abbeydale Brewery
    Ash SuttonBrewery Operative
  • Thom Williams, Brewery Operative at Abbeydale Brewery
    Thom WilliamsBrewery Operative
  • Dan Stamp, Brewery Operative at Abbeydale Brewery
    Dan StampBrewery Operative
  • Scott Murray, Brewery Operative at Abbeydale Brewery
    Scott MurrayBrewery Operative
  • Sooz Enticknap, Financial Controller at Abbeydale Brewery
    Sooz EnticknapFinancial ControllerPreviously from The Rising Sun, Sooz has now joined us here at Abbeydale HQ!
  • Laura Rangeley, Marketing & Communications Manager at Abbeydale Brewery
    Laura RangeleyMarketing & Communications ManagerIf you have messaged us on social media, you've spoken to Laura. It's likely that if she isn't here, she's out running, either to or from a pub. Causes shandy based controversy on a regular basis. Property of Tosin the cat
  • ETHNA WILD, Sales Representative at Abbeydale Brewery
    ETHNA WILDSales RepresentativeA member of the sales team since 2011, Ethna's Irish lilt is very well known to our pub customers!
  • ROBIN BAKER, Export manager at Abbeydale Brewery
    ROBIN BAKERExport managerRobins roles at the brewery are many, varied and seemingly ever growing, but lately his focus has been on export, sending our beer to Italy, Finland, Sweden and Spain, with several more countries soon to come!
  • Mick Williams, Sales Representative at Abbeydale Brewery
    Mick WilliamsSales RepresentativeMick always keeps the office smiling, and personally knows more pubs and publicans than any other single human being on the planet.
  • Sam Webber, Sales Representative at Abbeydale Brewery
    Sam WebberSales RepresentativeWhen Sam isn't championing Abbeydale beer across the length and breadth of the country, he's probably surfing, golfing, or possibly drinking Heathen!
  • Edd Entwistle, Online Sales Manager at Abbeydale Brewery
    Edd EntwistleOnline Sales Manager[email protected]Having previously been a brewer and publican, Edd joined us in 2020 as a part time delivery driver, and we wouldn't let him leave! His dog Digby has won the Rising Sun beer festival dog show a record two times, and his other dog Kipper is really good at sitting
  • James Murphy, Designer at Abbeydale Brewery
    James MurphyDesignerJames is the award winning designer behind the branding on our beers, packaging and merchandise. You can see more of his artwork at
  • RICHARD HALL, Delivery Driver at Abbeydale Brewery
    RICHARD HALLDelivery DriverRichard joined the Abbeydale team back in 2010, and as a result can tell you the intricacies of nearly every pub drop in South Yorkshire and beyond.
  • Aaron Worsfold, Delivery Driver at Abbeydale Brewery
    Aaron WorsfoldDelivery DriverAaron loves two things in this world, chewing gum and delivering beer, and he's all out of gum.
  • Ross Denny, Delivery Driver at Abbeydale Brewery
    Ross DennyDelivery Driver
  • Chris Gorbutt, Delivery Driver at Abbeydale Brewery
    Chris GorbuttDelivery DriverChris would rather be driving his motorbike than a van, but unfortunately can't fit enough casks on there
  • STEVE Hammond, Delivery driver & repairman at Abbeydale Brewery
    STEVE HammondDelivery driver & repairmanTwo time world parallel parking champion and keen yogi, if Steves not delivering the beer he's fixing the equipment which allows beer delivery to occur!
  • LEIGH CORNISH, Delivery driver at Abbeydale Brewery
    LEIGH CORNISHDelivery driverWhen he's not delivering beer to our wonderful customers, Leigh is into photography and is a fan of noise. His spirit animal is a binturong.
  • Ewan Docherty,  at Abbeydale Brewery
    Ewan Docherty
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    A true Sheffield institution founded in 1996 and based in the heart of the Antiques Quarter, Abbeydale Brewery blends heritage and tradition with creativity and innovation.

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    Abbeydale Brewery Ltd
    Unit 8, Aizlewood Road
    S8 0YX
    Telephone: 0114 281 2712
    Email: [email protected]


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