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Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins

Earlier this year, our very first signature beer “Bex” was brewed using with a specialist Belgian yeast strain. During the brewing process, we niftily cropped enough yeast to nurture and use for another beer, and so in June our Production Director John decided to brew a 7.0% Belgian style Dubbel. This was then filled into seven of our Burgundy white oak barriques and left to age in our cold store. However, each of these barriques had some different ingredients added in to represent each of the deadly sins… Behold!

EnvyInsatiable desire

Spiked with bourbon oak chips. Aroma of black forest gateaux and a glace cherry flavour. Dominant bourbon finish.

GluttonyOverindulgence to the point of waste

Spiked with raw cacao nibs and vanilla. Delicate milk chocolate aroma. Rum ‘n’ raisin fudge flavour. Full bodied with a beautifully silky chocolate finish.

GreedRapacious desire and pursuit of material possessions

Spiked with fresh orange and ginger. Aromas of orange and hints of clove. Fairly tangy orange, almost cranberry flavour, with ginger fruitcake. 

LustIntense and uncontrolled desire

Spiked with fresh raspberries and vanilla. Full-on raspberry aroma and flavour. Schnapps-like warmth at the end.

PrideBelief that one is essentially better than others

Spiked with fresh ground coffee. Aromas of coffee & sweet walnut. Slight cream soda flavour with dried fig and apricot. Warm, dry finish.

SlothFailure to utilise one’s talents and gifts

Spiked with vanilla and an extra dose of molasses. Oak smoke aroma with Rioja notes. Very more-ish sweet sherry flavour with subtle vanilla.

WrathSelf destructive rage

Spiked with coriander seed. Fresh coriander aroma. Slight spicy cracked pepper flavour with fruit and nut pudding coming through on the finish. 

As well as this, we’re also releasing an unadulterated version of the Dubbel base beer. Being free from Sin, this one is simply Heavenly!

Who will try them all?! There are only 5 firkins of each Sin, so keep your eyes peeled!

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