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Dry January – we’ve got you covered!

Doing Dry January and on the lookout for a zesty, refreshing, soft drink?! Our Sparkling Hop Water is the perfect non-alcoholic alternative to a beer, harnessing all that humulus lupulus goodness but with no artificial flavourings, sugar, caffeine or carbs and of course no booze! Vegan friendly and gluten free too.

Simply the finest Yorkshire water (the exact same that we use for our award-winning beers!), infused with some of our favourite hops and lightly carbonated. That’s it! Very much not an alcohol free beer, we like to think of our Sparkling Hop water as a beer adjacent soft drink, and a way for us to show off our ingredients in a whole new way.

The benefits of hops and their biochemical compounds when used and infused in this way (i.e without fermentation, and alcohol free) can be numerous. Studies have shown that the polyphenols and flavonoids found in hops work with other vitamins such as vitamin C to have antioxidant properties, which helps your body to ward off every day toxins. Hops also have mild sedative effects which can help improve your sleep quality, as well as helping to enhance the natural levels of gamma-aminobutyric acid (a clever little chemical messenger) found in the brain, which can lower anxiety and help you to feel calmer.

We have two variations of our mindful, delicious and thirst-quenching Sparkling Hop Water to choose from – try clean and crisp grape-esque Nelson Sauvin, or go gently tropical with the Mosaic hopped variety. Or as the perfect pick-me-up for yourself or a great gift, try our new Dry January Survival Pack, containing 3 cans of each plus our always relevant “I’d rather be drinking Moonshine” mug!

Finally, whether you’re choosing to limit your alcohol intake this month or not – as always, a huge thank you for your support, and please do pop into your local pub when you’re able. They’re likely to have a fantastic array of AF options for you to choose from alongside their selection of beers (and will probably have the heating on!), so please do show them some love this month.


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