Q. Can I buy some of your beer for a party?

If you're in Sheffield then yes you can, but not from us unfortunately as currently we only supply to the licensed trade.

However, the good news is that we do have a fabulous customer locally who specialises in supplying to the public, in quantities from a few pints to many gallons! 

If you'd like to buy some of our beer for a party, then we suggest you talk to Dave at Archer Road Beer Stop - a real ale off-licence in Sheffield. Dave is very helpful and will also advise on dispensing the beer too. Tel: 0114 255 1356. 

Q. Do you do brewery tours for groups?

Unfortunately not. Our brewery is in an industrial unit and as such we're not really geared up for visitors!

We do have a lovely pub though, which always has five of our beers on and usually at least one of our seasonal specials, as well as five guest beers from other microbreweries, so you are more than welcome to come and join us here instead!  Click here for more information about the pub.

Q. Can I have some of your beer mats, bottle labels, pumpclips?

You can find our beer mats in local pubs and as long as you ask the proprietors, they don't usually mind you taking them! (We'll make sure we give them plenty more for free)

We don't offer bottled beer so can't provide bottle labels and our pumpclips are usually difficult to get hold of as they cost a lot of money to produce and of course, we need them. However, if you ask your local landlord very nicely, he or she may just part with one that we can replace! It's not impossible as we have seen some of our pumpclips for sale on eBay before!

If you are a dedicated pumpclip collector, then make sure you come along to our annual beer festival that we hold at our pub, The Rising Sun, in July. During the festival we always sell off our own pumpclips, as well as those from other breweries, with all the proceeds going to charity.

Just about all of our artwork can be found on our website so please feel free to download and print out for your collection. However, please note that we do retain copyright, so if you wish to publish our images, you need to get our permission first. If it's for a bona fide beer-related publication or website, we generally don't have a problem. Please just Contact us us to discuss.

Q. Does your beer come in bottles?

Not as yet unfortunately. Reason why? How long have you got?! At the moment we sell all we produce in casks. We do keep looking at bottling though, so perhaps one day...

Q. Where can I find and sample your beer?

In lots of places! Our pub, The Rising Sun at Nether Green, Sheffield always has on at least four of our beers plus another five guest ales from microbrewers and you can sample our delights at numerous pubs across Sheffield. Visit the Pubs section for a list.

Beyond that, we supply hundreds of outlets across the country, delivering up to a hundred miles from Sheffield. As it's free trade though, many places will only stock our beer infrequently.

We also supply to wholesalers who take our beer even further afield. (We're often surprised ourselves at where our beer turns up!) If you're truly desperate to know where we are in your area, drop us an email with your postcode and we'll do our best to tell you who we supply directly to in your neck of the woods. We can't answer for wholesalers though of course.


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