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Clown Poison
Clown Poison Pump Clip

Clown Poison 4.40%

Golden beer using North American Galena hops.

Pale golden beer made with Maris Otter malt, with a hint of black malt for colour, and for aroma and flavour, single hopped with North American Galena hops giving subtle spicy, citrus hop flavours.  Balanced with a refreshing bitterness to finish.

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First Brewed: 21st September 2009
Colour: Gold
ABV: 4.40%
Beer Story

Artwork text:

Dr. Morton's Famous Clown Poison. Fast acting serious relief from the most terrifying evil phenomenon known to mankind - no yukky residue. No more irritating mime artists. Ineffective against jugglers and proper entertainers. Maybe harmful to folk singers.

All those times you've woken up to find a leering grinning red nosed monster looming over your bed - Finally the solution you've been desperate for. Dissolves unfunny buffoons leaving only easily-disposed-of oversized shoes full of slimy jelly and maybe the odd eyeball or two.

CAUTION! For serious drinkers only.